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An irreverent reporter gets too close to a source of Atlanta's opioid epidemic and encounters the suspicious death of a doctor, but when she tracks down the killers using one ridiculous disguise after another; she must outsmart drug dealers and dirty cops, before losing her life, or worse, the scoop.


I think we can all agree our country feels pretty off-balance these days. And it's easy to see why: too many drugs and not enough women in comedy. Okay, maybe that's not the whole answer, but I'm doing what I can. I'm only one person.

My mission is to make films that showcase hilarious women and promote positive change through comedy. 

With “Murph,” we follow an engaging female reporter who is snarky and self-possessed and driven in her work. She doesn't share the limelight with a man, a group or a child. She is flawed and funny and gets into trouble all on her own. 

Like most people, I have a personal connection to the opioid epidemic, because I’ve lost friends and family to it. The opioid epidemic is affecting us all whether we know it or not. After years of writing for and acting in sketch comedy, I’ve learned you can say important things while making people laugh. I think it’s valuable to talk about this crisis with comedy juxtaposed because it will keep it in our minds and in our narrative and make it more accessible to a broader audience. 

I will also donate a percentage of profits made by the film to a vetted charity focused on aiding recovery from opioid addiction.


I’m passionate about telling this story now because drugs are bad and women are hilarious. Oh, and tell the 'women aren't funny' crowd to take some Vitameatavegemin and call me in the morning. We need to see more hysterical women as leads in indie film. We need to see a woman of action, driven by her job to find the truth and expose it. We need to see a woman who masks pain with humor as so many of us do. And on the broader level, we need to see a diverse film created with inclusion and social good at it’s core. I’m excited to tell this story now because we can. People are ready for it.

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