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Leanna Adams Writer-Actor

Leanna Adams has written, directed, produced and starred in dozens of shorts, some of which have aired on TBS and Fox's LaughsTV and been featured by Huffington Post and Funny or Die.  Shorts she's starred in, written, directed and/or produced have screened in festivals all over North America. Her current Facebook series, The Worst Couple, has 10 shorts with over a million views.  

Heather Breslin Producer

Heather Breslin Producer

HEATHER BRESLIN produces films and writes stories that shine a light on relevant issues through the lens of comedy. Beginning in advertising, she transitioned into producing commercials before landing as a film producer. Some of her feature film credits include:  The List, Submission, Night Club Secrets, Every Other Holiday and Kind Katie. 

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AUTUMN BAILEY-FORD is the founder of Autumn Bailey Entertainment. She has worked on over three dozen independent film projects as a producer and has assisted numerous filmmakers in securing film distribution for their projects. Autumn is also a member of the Producers Guild of America, Women in Film Atlanta and Los Angeles and Black Women in Film.  Currently, Mrs. Bailey-Ford is producing several film and television projects.  She is a highly sought after indie producer with over 25 films under her belt both on the small and big screens.  

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